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About Natal Towing Association


The NTA is a not for profit organisation registered in terms of the 2008 companies act and produces Audited Annual Financial Statements, and submits annual tax returns to South African Revenue Services

The Association is member owned and has a board of directors and an elected executive committee (every two years) which meet regularly to make decisions and to oversee the day to day operations and activities of the association.

Membership is open to professional towing companies within KwaZulu-Natal who can meet the standards set for vehicles and equipment and that agree to operate within the NTA code of conduct and be subject to its disciplinary code.

Our members are therefore both professional and accountable and truly offer breakdown and recovery services which are effective and efficient that you can rely on. Originally established in 1978 the Natal Towing Association is the longest serving towing association in South Africa. It is also unique in it being the only towing association with all members dedicated to meeting and servicing the towing, breakdown and salvage needs of KwaZulu-Natal. Being a member of the NTA offers real value - As motorists and businesses recognize and appreciate the true "peace of mind" they enjoy when dealing with a member of the NTA Members have the opportunity to network, learn from each other and work together to improve their business and service offerings.

The NTA actively promotes via its Website its members services in KwaZulu-Natal and offers all members equal visibility and potentially real local business exposure via the website. We provide a credible and professional representative voice for the natal towing industry. The NTA acts on behalf of its members to find answers to questions and solutions to problems that affect operators in the day-to-day running of their businesses which individual operators would not be able to achieve by themselves.

The NTA has contact with the insurance companies, the National and Provincial Departments of Transport, the Traffic Inspectorate, the Municipal Police and the South African Police and SANRAL for (RIMS) the Road Incident Management System to represent members and solve problems. The NTA can also draw on the resources of its adoptive parent the Retail Motor Industry Organisation (RMI) when it needs assistance on national issues.


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