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All NTA Member Companies operate to high standards and adhere to a strict code of conduct. So you can be assured of Great Service, Affordable Pricing and that your vehicle is safe and secure


Joining & Member Benefits


In fact more and more Businesses, Motorists and Official Bodies are insisting on NTA membership when choosing their Tow Operators. If you operate professional towing services in KZN it makes real sense to be part of a dedicated Association with both your and your potential customers interests at heart.

Being a Member of the NTA offers Real Value - As Motorists and Businesses recognise and appreciate the true "peace of mind" they enjoy when dealing with a member of the NTA

The NTA actively promotes via its Website its Members Services in KwaZulu-Natal and offers all members equal visibility and potentially real local business exposure via the NTA Website

Members have the real opportunity to network, learn from each other and work together to improve their business and service offerings

The NTA acts on behalf of its Members to find answers to questions and solutions to problems that affect operators in the day-to-day running of their businesses which individual operators would not be able to achieve by themselves.

We provide a credible and professional representative voice for the Natal Towing Industry.

The NTA has direct contact and excellent relations with the insurance companies, the National and Provincial Departments of Transport, the Traffic Inspectorate, the Municipal Police, and the SA Police …to represent members, solve problems and build working relationships.

We have always been leaders within the KZN Towing Industry and currently the NTA is an active participant in the Road Incident Management System (RIMS) for the provision of emergency services and response on the major roads of KwaZulu-Natal

  • Recognition and Credibility
  • 24 Hour Call Centre Number
  • Your Own NTA Web Page
  • Networking With Your Peers
  • Specific Problem Assistance
  • Liaison with Official Agencies
  • Newsletters on current events
  • Private Members Area
  • Access to RMI facilities
  • Advice on labour relations
  • Insurance through RMI4Sure
  • Legal advice through RMI4Law
  • Hiring through RMI4Recruit
  • Advice on Black empowerment - RMI4BEE
  • Advice on health & safety - RMI4OHS

NTA/RMI Membership Cost

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Fee structure 2023 -2024

Membership is based on the Number of Towing Vehicles you Operate and Includes Membership to both the RMI and NTA

1 – 3 TRUCKS

R7 935.21 ANNUAL  FEE

Monthly debit order  facility available. 

Debit order entry fee 

Entry Fee is R1 629.17 (once off)

3 and more TRUCKS

ANNUAL FEE  R11 868.96

Monthly Debit order facility available. 

Debit order entry fee 

Entry Fee is R1 629.17 (once off)


Joining NTA


Is open to any reputable business based in KwaZulu-Natal offering Towing and Accident Recovery and Breakdown Services

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, potentially improve your recognition, credibility and acceptance to local businesses and the authorities you should really start your application for membership straight away.

It is a simple process, you need to tell us about your business and the services you can offer by completing the application form, vehicle and equipment checklist and meeting and agreeing to our conditions of acceptance.

Include your Cheque or Completed Direct Debit Form and advise us of your Payment Preference

Return all completed documents to the NTA

Your application will be processed and your business will be visited to ensure you and your vehicles meet the standards required to be accepted for Membership of the Natal Towing Association.

It really is as simple as that, simply download the documents and start your application today.

Or Contact Robin Naidoo on 031 266 7031 alternatively via email: Robin.Naidoo@rmi.org.za

Who will be only to happy to help you with your application

24h service

Safe & secure

Code of conduct